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Seattle is a very beautiful city. Really a charming place! I don’t know why anyone would not want to live here ! Perhaps the year around rains might be an issue! Looks wise it’s very similar to Vancouver. It did remind me strongly of Seoul too!! Only that Seoul is just too, too big. And I am told that Portland is similar too.

Isn’t it quite  coincidence that I am to remember Seoul so strongly when I am to visit Seoul after a gap of half a decade!! I love Seoul. But here I did fell in love with Seattle too. Although unfortunately even though this is supposed to be the ‘correct’ season, it  was all cloudy and in the car I was consistently told that on my right beyond the clouds are tall mountains! I am sure there are!

We did tour around the city and went out generally towards the mountains. It was a nice outing. Then there was a fantastic festival going on over the weekend in the downtown area. Folklife festival. Although it was quite subdued due to the continuous rains, it was great fun to be around music and crowd. Banjo, violin, clarinet, singing and some percussions were everywhere! Also I saw some absolutely brilliant group of some 12 guys and girls creating some fantastic music on Xylophones. Some 8 Xylophones and some others playing shakers. It was interesting! Public was enjoying their own dance with the booming rhythm of wooden blocks! Although I loved it a lot I left thinking how these guys must be travelling and installing/ uninstalling such heavy instruments! I mean they can’t get assistants here too !!


We also went around the famous lake where many big stars live. From Bill Gates to Kenny G, many, many celebrities live in this area. I am sure the houses here are  quite expensive!

While on our way back, we just popped in a Best Buy. And there were a couple of police cars parked outside. “There must be some complaint etc” we thought. Inside were ‘Alice in Chains’ the famous Rock Band promoting their album – Autographing. There were some 10-15 guys around them. And then I just went past them only to see a loooong queue of about a thousand people! Must be a hard work to sit signing all day long !!

Alice in Chains

Now leaving for Portland

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