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Portland is a nice little town. That is when compared with its bigger sister Seattle. And as promised by many, it is quite similar to Seattle! The similar mountain ranges, similar weather and similar buildings make it the little sister of Seattle. We moved around in the downtown of Portland and it was just like many other downtowns in USA. They all look the same. Same shops and same coffee shops. Although thankfully Portland downtown is not alike the downtown of Detroit or Cleveland! They are almost ghost towns there!

Oregon state is beautiful. I personally have affinity towards the word ‘Oregon’ as Rajaneeshpuram was near Bend in Oregon. Of course now there is nothing which will point out towards Acharya Rajaneesh. In the state of Oregon there is greenery, there are mountains, there is ocean and big rivers and then there are dry areas too! Portland has trees, mountains and 2 very big rivers. Somewhere on the net I had found out that there are some beautiful waterfalls around. “It is like going to Parvati for us” my friend Prasad said. “We take all our visitors there’ he added. Actually that’s not really true. Parvati is a hill in Pune which has a beautiful temple on top and it has a very important historical reference. But we rarely go for a picnic there! It’s just too high to climb. We prefer Roopali or Vaishali !

Waterfall Portland

There is this famous scenic highway which cuts through this part of the state of Oregon and extends from North to south for a few many Kilometers; Miles actually! Although however complicated system it is, even today Americans do insist on Miles than Kilometers! And worse on Fahrenheits more than Celsius! Fahrenheit is so much difficult to spell too! Anyway, On one side of the road are mountains, and on the other side is the Colombia river. Between these cuts through the Scenic highway and a Highway. These parts of the river are quite calm I guess as we saw lots of small boats and canoes and similar things.

These Northern states of USA and Canada have the fun life of 3 to 4 months! Rest of the year is just too cold! So in those months the moment people get fair weather, bright Sun and some even the smallest opportunity, they go out. Out in the nature for hikes, picnics and games and what not! There are dozens of festivals and many more things everyone enjoys. When we were in Toronto, we did go to some 13-14 festivals in just one month! This was no different day. We drove on that scenic highway, which is actually a small 2 lane road and the real highway runs parallel to it which is of course quite big. But this is still called a Highway !

Stopping at a couple of beautiful waterfalls was fantastic. I very quickly found a place for coffee, and with the hot liquid went up in the mountain near the waterfall. It was quite crowed; Naturally! Lush green trees and plants always make me happy. After spending some time there we decided to visit Mount Hood.Mount Hood

Mount Hood is one of the 3-4 famous mountains you can see from Portland. About an hour away from the city, It looks like someone has taken a hood so its called as Mount Hood…. At least I think so ! Mt. Hood is covered in snow all the time. Unfortunately it was also covered in clouds all the time that day. Nevretheless we decided to go up on the mountain . A lovely mountain road took us up about 5000 ft. And as soon as we got out of the car, the Gods decided to do a favour on us. The clouds became sparse and we started getting lovely view of the mountain top!! It is magnificent ! Rose and Mountain

Back to the city, we also visited the Rose garden and I got some nice snaps of roses. There was some Harpist playing in the garden and all in all it wasn’t a bad place to be.

So basically a day spent in the mountains is always great!!!

Now back to Seattle and then off to Seoul !!

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