ARTIST: Angeli
PRODUCER: Milind Date [Co Producer]

In 2006 Milind produced an album of New York based Pop singer Angeli. Later a couple of tracks were taken by two Hollywood films as background tracks.

Angeli is a prolific solo artist that has been taking the music industry by storm over the past year. Hailing from Minneapolis, MN, Angeli spent her formative years singing whenever her hectic academic schedule would allow. Angeli spent her school years at the MacPhail Center for Music ( ) where she was put through an intense music and vocal training program and her summers chasing her dreams in New York City doing internships with, working for, and soaking-up all the knowledge she could from the industry professionals that she had the pleasure of working with. Angeli continued to expand her musical resume by participating in talent and music contests all over the world for major radio stations, MTV and VH1.

Angeli completed her self-titled debut album and released it to the acclaim of fans and critics alike in 2006. The album featured a unique fusion of her rich Indian heritage with the American pop music she has grown to know and love. Together, this musical fusion combined with Angeli’s powerful vocals, create a most playfully sensual musical experience and has already brought Angeli across the globe with performances in the US, Europe and some of India’s most popular cities with famed Indian producer, Milind Date.

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