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The travels have started. First stop being Houston. South Bend in Indiana to Houston in Texas was a shift from 80 C to 280 C ! On the flight somehow I did manage to miss clicking some excellent scenes while landing in Houston. Though did click with my iPod Touch, which naturally can’t match my camera’s output 🙁

Houston is really a spread out city, too big in size I think. A warm welcome by the friends and organisers of the concert eventually led to a fabulous dinner and chat which went on and on and on for hours and hours!

It was a long time I went in for a rehearsal ! Our group in India, – Pune that is, is so settled and that we have been performing together for several years now, we very rarely go for a rehearsal. In Houston I expected some very good musicians to join me and wasn’t disappointed. The guitarist Eric was fabulous. one rare guitarist I imagine who can play Jazz, Flamenco, Classical and Rock! Btw, things weren’t too much different here ! One of the musicians turned up 1and half hour late first time, 30 mins late the second time and 2 and half hours late for the sound check at the concert venue!! Nevertheless he did perform very well and everything was fine.

Concert went off simply great and am still into those magical moments where the audience and I become one! It was a cozy beautiful concert hall of some university. Nearly full hall always encourages the organisers and musicians! In such places some intimate relationship between the performers and the audience gets created by the music and the ambience; which is very precious!

I started off with a nice slow Aalap followed by a Jod section in Raag Jog. And later on the percussionist, the Tabla player and the guitarist joined in with a fast paced piece of mine. It was very well received by the audience, which was a mix of westerners, people of Indian origin and kids and elders, musicians and music lovers. The concert went on to showcase various genres of music and it was a lovely evening all In all !

The organisers did take tremendous efforts to put up the concert an I am sure they were quite happy about the entire evening! All thanks to the organisers who not only did organise an enchanting evening, but floored me with some incredible hospitality! This was a fund raising concert. So I didn’t charge any fees.

Here is a link to the review of the concert…


Now am off to Seattle.!!

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