Milind Date is one of the finest Bansuri players in the world. He is critically acclaimed for his immaculate Bansuri – Bamboo Flute playing and composing. Milind is one of the senior-most disciples of world famous Bansuri virtuoso – Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

With more than 3000 performances to his credit, Milind has vast experience of performing on various stages and for varied size of audience ranging from 20-30 to 30,000 / 50,000 !!. His concerts are energy packed and the crowd involvement is surely exciting!!

MIlind is a Emmy and GiMA awards nominated artist.

Buy the GiMA nominated album 'Milder Milind'

Milind’s album ‘Milder Milind’ got nomintated to the prestigeous GiMA awards. Colloquially known as Indian Grammys ! In this album Milind has played four raags. Naagmani – a rarely heard raag, Madhuvanti, Gorakh Kalyan and Bhatiyali Dhun. Tabla is played by Charudatta Phadke.

Milder Milind -GiMA

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