Milind Date is one of the finest Bansuri players in the world. He is critically acclaimed for his immaculate Bansuri – Bamboo Flute playing and composing. Milind is one of the senior-most disciples of world famous Bansuri virtuoso – Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia.

With more than 3000 performances to his credit, Milind has vast experience of performing on various stages and for varied size of audience ranging from 20-30 to 30,000 / 50,000 !!. His concerts are energy packed and the crowd involvement is surely exciting!!

Buy the GiMA nominated album 'Milder Milind'

Milind’s album ‘Milder Milind’ got nomintated to the prestigeous GiMA awards. Colloquially known as Indian Grammys ! In this album Milind has played four raags. Naagmani – a rarely heard raag, Madhuvanti, Gorakh Kalyan and Bhatiyali Dhun. Tabla is played by Charudatta Phadke.

Milder Milind -GiMA

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